JULY 9, 2019

Present: Bill Lewis, Karen Schmidt, Priscilla Unger and Kris Cunningham.

Bill called the meeting to order at 7:05 and led us in prayer.

Reading of the minutes:  None available for June.

Report of the Pastor:  None

Report of the Council President: Bill noted that the Outdoor Worship went very well.

Report of Financial Secretary/Treasurer.  See attached.  We will close the MMA since People’s Security is charging us a $8 monthly fee.  Priscilla said the Gouldsboro Fire Company gave us a check for $2,000 for purchase of our tent.  She will deposit into general checking account.  Karen will issue a receipt.

Learning Ministries:  All youth are invited to Bear Creek on July 30.   The cost for each child will be covered by money from SOUL Youth Account.  Adults will have to pay $10 if they wish to attend.  The daylong program opens with Worship and then there will be time at the nature center and a hike.  After lunch there will be boating and swimming.  Karen will send a letter to all families with children.

WELCA:  No meetings during summer.  A yard sale will be held in the Fall.

Witness & Evangelism:  We have had several visitors recently.

Synod & Ecumenical:  We will extend an invitation to Bishop Zeiser and staff to attend dedication of the Pavilion in August.  An invitation will be mailed to all members and friends.

Property:  Bill will contact the person who performs the backflow inspection.  A discussion was held regarding how to finish the ends of the pavilion.  A suggestion was made by Tim of Cobblestone that plywood be installed and covered with vinyl siding of a shade to match the shed.  Kris suggested we use the old stained glass window in the side facing the lake.  It would be enclosed by plexiglass.  Bill made a motion to finish the ends of the pavilion as discussed.  Karen seconded.  Motion passed.  Kris will take care of getting the glass encased.

            There is mold in the parsonage.  Tru Pro made a cursory inspection and noted that there are no dehumidifiers.  There are actually 2 dehumidifiers and Kris took pictures of them.  The mold appears to be on sheathing and small area of foundation wall in basement.  Bill Wright did not go into the attic.  Tru Pro gave us an estimate of approximately $1,300; however the basement was treated during the original remediation and is covered under the Lifetime Warranty.  Karen will scan all documents to Kris who will call Tru Pro.

            Kris will follow up on gutters for church.  We will contact Doug Kerr to put new roofing on shed behind church.

Kris made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Priscilla seconded.  Motion passed.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                    Karen E. Schmidt

                                                                                    Acting Secretary